I just found out that WordPress can do \LaTeX. Yay! Now I can write Stokes’ Theorem for a differential form \omega on a manifold with boundary M:

\int\limits_{\partial M} \omega = \int\limits_M d\omega

The integration signs look a little squatty. You can do this for your own math equations using
$latex <code here>$. However, I don’t like this as well as jsMath because it’s not as transparent to the user what code you used to get the given formula—tool-tip for WordPress versus selectable pop-up for jsMath.

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  1. Yes, and the nice thing about such WordPress equations is that if you also have to work in Word, these equations can be used in MathType. Either copy it and paste it into MathType, or drag it over to an open MathType window and drop it there. That works in versions 6.0 and later for both Windows and Macintosh. If you’re using version 6.5 for Windows and you want to see the LaTeX code in Word (or edit it, or write a new equation), the shortcut Alt+\ will toggle the equation from LaTeX to an image and back to LaTeX.

    Bob Mathews
    Design Science

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