Inspiration graphic

This is a sample created using Inspiration of how one might organize thinking about driving efficiently.

Efficient Driving of an automobile

Efficient Driving of an automobile

This might be used with an introduction to a physics class project on driving efficiently. We would discuss the divers sources of inefficiency, what makes something efficient versus not, and what factors one can control. This might include different measures of efficiency (other than Energy). For each of the leaves of the tree in the graphic, we would discuss qualitatively how it affects efficiency. After the students have understood the overall problem, I would have them list on their own the aspect in which they are most interested, 2nd most interested, etc. We would then find a way to create teams of students researching different aspects of the problem. This would be a longer-term assignment that would incorporate modeling, visualizing, graphing, data analysis, and other research skills. The end target is a set of “best practices” for efficient driving—things society or drivers could do to make transportation more efficient—and a presentation to the class of the results.

Here is an alternate version of the same chart but with graphics for the headers.

Efficient Driving of an automobile

Efficient Driving of an automobile, now with graphics for headers

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  1. Excellent work on this! Very interesting way to use something which seems so simple but is really very complex for learning!

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