Education works best when all the parts are working together.

This is a recreation from memory of a poster that I saw when I was in grade school. It was posted just outside my first grade classroom. I often wonder if its creator had intended it to be humorous.
Education works best when all the parts are working together.

Addendum: This picture was amazingly easy to put together using Inkscape, which I downloaded from

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600kV from 6 “C” batteries

More striking than this image (from jurvetson’s flickr photostream), in which 6 “C” batteries are used to generate an approximately 600kV mini-lightning strike, is the way that the flickr is used to annotate parts of the image (“notes”) in the original site. I can imagine biology students labeling parts of animals from photos or anatomy students marking up photos of operations. Clearly, it even has use in physics. And jurvetson kindly provides an explanation of how it works with a link to Wikipedia on the Marx generator. At one level, one could consider this an extreme automation because a student could look up Marx generator and find more information about it–nevermind that they wouldn’t. However, this differs from a conventional “check out this cool photo” by the presence of metadata describing information that most students wouldn’t have been able to recognize unless they already knew what a Marx generator was, making this a nice example of information.

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power of VIPs

I learned about VIPs (Visual Instructional Plans) in a course about covering Fred Jones’ Tools for Teaching. I think it’s a powerful concept, and I was giddy with love of Origami to see this picture in brdparker’s flickr photostream: spike_ball_diagram_1

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Focusing power of an ellipse

One of my favorite applications of conic sections, this picture shows how quantum fields also reflect off of the ellipse.

STM image of atom in elliptic corral.

STM image of atom in elliptic corral.

(Image originally created by IBM Corporation.)
To learn more about this feat, check out IBM’s Almaden Labs page.

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media test

Unknown man in space

Unknown man in space

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